Located in the city center of Milan, this residence displays a warm and inviting atmosphere with a color palette consisting of elemental colors and shades. Canova made highly customized furniture for the main spaces of this residence.
Illuminated by the generous natural lighting coming from the terrace, the kitchen is a composition of dark elegance that stands out among the rest of the otherwise white spaces. The back wall of the kitchen lays out upper and base cabinets in a matte lacquer with a contemporary metallic finish, matched on the interiors by black faux wood. Its backsplash and countertops are made in stylish Pietra Gray, complemented by the snack table in thermo cooked oak on the island edge. The seamless outlook of these elements delivers a simple but elegant approach while providing functionality to store appliances, food and kitchenware.
The island, which is the result of a combination of two of the primary materials of the kitchen, stores deep drawers made in black faux wood.
The minimalist but bold approach to the kitchen design can be found in the bathrooms too, with the master bathroom including base cabinets in matte lacquer with 45 degrees mitered edges and a top in white Laminam. The kids’ bathroom incorporates versatility with style with open storage shelves and drawers made in a dark maroon matte lacquer. For the guest bathroom, the natural look of the solid oak wood top completes the warmth of the color palette of the space.

Design: Gaia Amidani

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