The brand name Canova derives from Venetian dialect Ca’ Nova, which means new home. Canova accompanies its clients in their quest for the perfect living space by offering top Italian craftsmanship and immortal beauty to luxury residences worldwide. Established in 2003 in New York by engineer Bartolomeo Bellati and designer Stefano Venier, Canova specializes in tailor made kitchens, bathrooms and millwork for single family residences and multi-unit developments. Our experienced team of Italian designers works alongside architects, their sophisticated clients and developers to deliver unique bespoke solutions that blend elegance, functionality, innovative techniques and noble finishes. At Canova we go all the way to help clients and designers turn their vision into an aesthetically pleasing and ageless reality.


Canova’s strength rests in our capability to provide residential millwork solutions for large multi-unit projects without compromising on quality. Our manufacturing plant is located in the Venetian region, the world’s heart of the quality furniture making industry. In over 60,000 square meters warehouses we handle all the wood processing with rigorous attention to details, precision and cutting edge technologies including a high-tech 5-axis CNC machine, through which infinite design possibilities can be processed. With a production capability of as many as eighty kitchens per day, the Canova factory is the reliable quality partner for medium and large multi families developments.


Separate yet located nearby the main factory, our artisan workshop is Canova’s business unit specialized in highly custom projects ranging from single apartments to boutique buildings. In the shop every piece is crafted by experienced artisans who have been in custom woodworking for at least three generations. The passion and inborn skills of the Italian furniture making tradition has been transmitted from father to son for over a century. After the best quality raw materials are selected, respecting strict environmental norms, they undergo a complex process that maintains the natural beauty of the wood intact. In Canova’s artisan workshop we go beyond the standards to make our products truly unique. Canova is all this: cutting-edge technology and design, a thorough sense of beauty that originates from heritage, and unique products that defy mass objectification and aesthetics conveying the idea of craftsmanship for luxury and comfortable living.