As a testament to elegance through muted colors, this spacious and bright residence incorporates a sober yet warm ambiance. Canova created custom made millwork pieces for the main spaces in this apartment.

With an ample living room that connects the rest of the rooms quite harmoniously, this space features a long library which beautifully alternates open lit shelves and closed storage units and a TV niche.

Elegantly blended with the adjacent dining and living room, the kitchen combines contemporary design with functionality. With fronts in oak veneer that radiates warmth and features sleek carved handles, the kitchen also features low toe kicks as well as integrated appliances.. Both backsplash and countertops are made in elegant white stone, matching the white walls and reflecting more light into the surfaces of the space. The ensemble is completed by the entry cabinets in gray matte lacquer and by the master bathroom’s modern floating vanity that extends wall to wall and includes two carved stone sinks.

Design: KDA
Photo Credits: Tom Minieri

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