Loft converted into a minimalist architectural oasis.

This Milanese loft was converted into a two-storey apartment with a view to create an elegant, minimalist and peaceful oasis, located in a busy area that is regularly filled with models, photographers and creative industry professionals. The challenge was to maximize the usable space, which was achieved by playing with unusual geometries, the exceptional height of ceilings and large window openings to gain rooms on the upper level and taking advantage of a skylight to open an access to a roof deck and bring light to the lower levels. The palette of interiors gracefully blends off-white matte lacquer elements throughout the apartment with a tactile wooden dining table, the monolithic stone island, a custom designed black metal staircase that cantilevers off the wall with an elegant thin handrail. The walls in the open space were kept white to maximize the brightness and make the space feel larger, while the furnishings, including custom white shelving units and white closets are kept to a minimum and become almost imperceptible.  A barely visible custom door at the rear leads into the laundry room and a full bathroom while the upper level contains three bedrooms and a bathroom whose vanity in white resin is characterized by a creative pattern of grooves.  The home’s timeless design is complete with contemporary architectural and decorative lights by Davide Groppi (Flash, Mira) and Seletti, including the iconic Monkey and Chameleon lamps.

Kitchen Custom design. Italian designer Canova studio. New York, Miami, Milano, Fontanfredda. USA and Italy

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