This sophisticated media unit combines technology with design to create a functional and pleasant space within the family room of this Chicago residence.

The custom-made piece features two tall units, removable backrests and panels to conceal electrical cables, and a jet black elegant credenza with round corners.

The unit features sleek black doors and an opaque stretched fabric material that allows for the sound to flow smoothly from the integrated speakers. The interior of its storage space is made in black melamine, with shelves that can be adjusted at convenience. Two elegant sets of light coves adorn each side of the open shelves, both of them fixed onto removable back panels in MDF, lacquered in the same black as the metal door frames.

The center of the piece provides enough space for the avid devotee of home cinemas. In line with its minimalist approach, the center speaker is concealed by a removable panel made in the same opaque graphite fabric. This central section sits atop an exquisite credenza made in black metal, whose corners are suitably rounded to softly disrupt the straight lines of this graceful composition.