Bearing the name of the Greek goddess of Wisdom and inspired by her spirit, Athena is an elegant bookcase that blends functionality and craftsmanship while attracting contemplation and curiosity.

With floating shelves and cabinets arranged in a subtle game of harmonious asymmetry, the Athena bookcase looks and feels light on its weight, and appears to defy gravity with its mounted back panels and the absence of side panels.
Entirely made of a rich walnut wood, this piece of furniture lends a sense of warmth and sophistication to the surrounding space. Each one of the three modules features a drop-down door that adds a pop of color and geometrical statement to the overall arrangement.
The composition includes upper shelves to display one’s interests and personal style and lower cabinets and soft closing drawers (with elegant mitered edges) to keep the living space well organized. These serve both a practical and decorative purpose, providing ample space for storing various items while seamlessly blending into the overall design.
Athena was conceived to create visually pleasing living space and a cozy atmosphere by putting the accent on the homeowner’s cherished items and personality. It is available in different sizes and can be customized upon request.


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